Aloo 65 Recipe | HungryForever


Aloo 65 is an amazingly tasty and easy snack recipe..!! In this recipe, the cooked potatoes are mixed with a spicy mixture consisting of coriander pwd, red chilly pwd & ginger garlic paste. It tastes lipsmacking, when they’re hot & crunchy.


PREP&COOK TIME : 35 mins

  1. Half Boil the potatoes in cooker. Make sure that potatoes are not over cooked so that they will not crumble. One or 2 whistles are enough without cutting them
  2. Mix all the ingredients in section 2 one by one to become a thick paste.
  3. Peel the potatoes and dice it in to medium sized squares.) Mix the potato in the batter so that it is properly coated.
  4. In a pan fry the potatoes in hot oil till it is golden brown color and crispy. Once done Keep potatoes in a vessel with dotted holes so that the excess oil is drained out.
  5. Keep it in a serving dish. Sprinkle some chaat masala and garnish with coriander and or mint leaves
  6. Serve hot without loosing the crispness.

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