Fish Nuggets Recipe | HungryForever


Fish Nuggets is a very delicious recipe.These crispy fish nuggets go perfectly with the creamy homemade tartar sauce! Gluten-free, paleo-friendly and kids loved recipe.


PREP&COOK TIME : 50 mins

  1. Cut the fish fillets into one-inch pieces. Marinate the fish with salt and lemon juice.
  2. Keep for half an hour. In a medium sized bowl beat egg, milk, salt and pepper powder together.
  3. In another medium sized bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Dip nuggets into the egg and milk mixture.
  4. Drain and coat well with the flour mixture. Heat sufficient oil in a deep pan, slide in a few nuggets at a time and deep-fry.
  5. Fish will float when golden brown and done. Drain onto absorbent paper and serve right away with tartar or cocktail sauce.

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