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It is a spice blend used mostly in Maharashtra and neighboring states in India.Many different kind of Goda Masala is found depending on the ingredients used, regional preference and the personal taste. Some common ingredients are cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bayleaf, white sesame seeds, coriander seeds, coconut flakes, cassia buds, dagad phool(lichen) and white and black peppercorns. To make the Maharashtrian goda masala, the spices are roasted using oil. All spices are roasted till they become darker in colour and then ground to a powder. When the spices are roasted enough for them to be dark brown (almost black) in colour when ground, it is called ‘Kaala Masala‘.

Sereves : 6

Prep&Cook Time : 30 mins.


8 tbsp coriander seeds
6 tbsp dry coconut
7 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp cumin seeds
2 tsp caraway seeds
3 tbsp stone flower
½ tbsp poppy seeds
4-5 dry red chilies
3 tsp niger seeds
1 tsp nag kesar
½ tsp black pepper
25 cloves
4-5 pieces of 1” cinnamon
4 black cardamom (husk discarded)
5-6 green cardamom
7-8 bay leaves
3-4 star anise
1 ½ tsp turmeric powder
¼ tsp asafoedita
2 tsp oil


Heat 1 teaspoon oil in a pan.

Add coriander seeds. Stir and roast them till they become fragrant and change color.

Remove in a plate.

Then add cumin seeds, stir and roast them till they are fragrant and change color. Remove in the same plate.

Next add caraway seeds and follow the same procedure.

Now add the niger seeds and roast them till they become fragrant.

Add sesame seeds. Roast till they change color.

Once done, then like all the other roasted ingredients, remove and keep aside in the same plate.

Roast the desiccated coconut till they are golden. Remove in the same plate.

Add the poppy seeds and roast till they are fragrant. Keep aside.

Add the broken dry red chilies and roast till they have a smoky pungent fragrance.

Add asafetida and dry roast till they get fragrant. Remove.

Again heat 1 teaspoon oil in the same pan. Now add all the aromatic spices – cinnamon, bay leaf, black pepper, star anise, cloves, black cardamom seeds, green cardamom, saffron and stone flower. Roast for about a minute till the spices become aromatic.

Let all the spices and the rest of the other ingredients cool.

In a dry grinder, grind everything in batches.

Take the ground goda masala in a bowl and mix everything well.

Store the goda masala in an airtight jar.

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